Village Of Sackets Harbor
 Local Development Corporation 

Sackets Harbor Local Development Corporation

LDC Directors 2018


President - Michael Hoagland

Vice President -  John Deans

Secretary - Hale Smith

Treasurer - Marc Reitz
Village Trustee - Daniel Frechette

Village Mayor - Molly Reilly

Member - Don DiMonda 





Adopted September 30, 2010


          The core mission of the Sackets Harbor Local Development Corporation is to perform the following charitable and public purposes of:


1)                 Relieving and reducing unemployment;

2)                 Bettering and maintaining job opportunities;

3)                Providing or assisting in the instruction or training of individuals to improve or develop their employment or job capabilities;

4)                Assisting, encouraging or carrying on scientific research for the purpose of aiding the Sackets Harbor community and area by attracting new industry or business to said community and area.

5)              Encouraging the development of, or retention of, industries and businesses in the Sackets Harbor community or area;

6)                Lessening the burdens of local government in the Sackets Harbor area and community and acting in the public interest.


In furtherance of the above goals and missions, but not in any way of limitation of the foregoing, the Corporation shall conduct environmental studies, remediation, and restoration of brownfield sites within the Sackets Harbor community or area and future subdivision or development and to undertake or market such properties for industrial, business, or residential development to serve the public interest.


          In addition, but not in any way of limitation, the Corporation shall administer on behalf of the Village of Sackets Harbor or the Town of Hounsfield, such funds or monies entrusted to the Corporation to promote economic development and stability for present and future community or area industry or businesses.