Village Of Sackets Harbor

Molly C Reilly

(315) 640-1032
Chief Executive Officer. For Villages, the statutory duties of the mayor are set forth in Village Law Section 4-400.
1) To preside at the meetings of the Board of Trustees. 2) To provide for the enforcement of all laws. 3) To appoint all department and non-elected officials. 4) To institute all civil actions in the coorporate name of the Village. 5) To exercise supervision over the conduct of the police and other subordinate officers of the village. 6) To intervene in any and all actions where deemed necessary to protect the rights of the village and its inhabitants. 7) To serve as an ex-officio member of each separate board of commissioners. 8) To appoint one of the trustees as deputy mayor. 9) To execute all contracts in the name of the village. 10) To sign orders to pay claims. 11) To sign checks in the absense of the Treasurer. 12) To cause all claims to be thoroughly investigated. 13) To issue all licenses and for such purpose shall be the "licensing office".